SARS Employer Reconciliation

SARS Employer Reconciliation

The SARS Employer Reconciliation period has started on 1 April 2015. Please note that your employer reconciliation must be submitted by 29 May 2015.
Feel free to contact us at if you would like to make use of our services for this reconciliations.

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01 July 2019
Tax Season for 2019 opens

7th of each month

Last business day of the month - of your VAT period
VAT (eFiling)

Provisional Tax
1st Return – 31 August
2nd Return – 28/29 February
3rd Return – 31 August 31 (only if applicable)

31 October 2019
Tax Season 2019 – Branch filing closes for individuals.

04 December 2019
Tax Season 2019 – eFiling closes for individuals.