Please note that Sars still has the ‘special stoppers’ in place this current tax season. This ‘special stoppers’ that they place on certain taxpayers that claimed a refund on their tax returns is prolonging the payout process. In the end, they force the taxpayer to visit a Sars branch to update his/her details and to submit all supporting documents to Sars again, even though they were submitted to Sars prior to this. After this verification has been done, they promise the refund to be paid out promptly.

We have however noticed that some taxpayers are still waiting for their refunds even after they went to the Sars branch and received a completion letter.

Thus we urge all our clients to please be patient as we are trying our utmost best to resolve this issues with Sars. We are communicating with Sars on a daily basis to help resolve this refunds issue for all our clients affected.

All clients who’s returns must still be submitted, please take note of this situation and be prepared for a prolonged refund process. We promise to put as much pressure as possible on Sars to ensure a quick refund process. We’ll keep you informed of the process all the way.

Please also read the article below regarding the ‘special stoppers’.

Thank you and kind regards
The RE Accounting Team